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Hippie Modernism at BAMFA

Enjoyed a visit to BAMFA, where they had an exhibit called Hippie Modernism. Basically artworks and film from the late 60’s and 70’s that have informed a great deal of how we live and think today. Highly recommended as a subject generally, and some very strong graphics in all directions. One of my favorite pieces…

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Perfect Word: Akimbo

Not long ago I was spending time with my sister-in-law – I asked her about a word that had been floating around my head. Not unusual for me, to take hold of a funny word without a meaning yet, and return it to usage for the afternoon. The word was AKIMBO – together we looked it up, and now it…

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Bowie Sees the Internet’s Power 1999

This is quite an interesting Bowie interview by the BBC in 1999. Bowie, a man with a perennial impact on music and art, gives quite an insightful assessment of things to come. He seemed to be in quite a good mood for the exchange, and really bares down on some big ideas. His enthusiasm for…

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Behind the Crowd Funding Effort

This is a crowd funding effort I spearheaded with some talented folks to provide 25 children from the slums of New Delhi an education in culinary arts.  The effort will run till the end of the month, so feel free to pass it along to your friends until then; I produced the video and the campaign itself…

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